Animals We Eat And Their Disgusting Diet

The future of our Recycled Food Supply

There are reasons why cows, pigs, chickens, even horses are all through nature vegetarians. And their waste, non toxic which became in flip suitable for soil, suitable for flora and exact for vegetation.

Let’s speak about animal waste. Originally farmers used cow and horse manure to fertilize their plants. Back then however, their diets had been completely natural derived from herbal assets of grain and grass grown in a herbal surroundings. Thus, their waste changed into additionally natural. This changed into how their meals supply become recycled naturally. As with plant meals for humans the technique turned into the identical.

On the other hand the general public of food production nowadays is anything but herbal. As a end result of Mad Cow Disease cows are not fed meat stays from different cows any further. However cow blood may be combined with feed which of path carries cow DNA. And why have been they feeding cow meat to cows within the first location whilst they are vegetarians? Relieving public problem with the aid of doing this visit different methods of recycling animals for food have been used for years. And matters were changing and with drastic measures.

Animal Factories

With animal farm factories raising food animals, modern-day legal guidelines allow pigs, chickens and turkeys that have been fed rendered cattle to be slaughtered, mixed with animal feed and fed again to livestock such as cows. Thus, those animals are then later slaughtered another time, combined with feed and fed again to the cow and cattle which defeat the cause of fending off Mad Cow diseased farm animals.

So in essence cows aren’t most effective bred into cannibalism livestock also as they’re now ingesting parts of and portions of different animals. No longer vegetarians and not by using desire mind you, what’s going to this do to the global meals chain in the long run? In addition, humans consume cows, chickens and pigs but pork, poultry and pork isn’t what we assume now is it?

Ingredients of Legal Animal Feed Used By Factory Farms

Now retaining in thoughts what those animals are being fed we in flip feed off them.

Animal Protein Products: include rendered intestines, blood, feathers, pores and skin, hooves and hair. Also, carcasses of rendered horses, puppies, cats and or road kill.

Manure-Animal Waste: Animal feed can include chicken litter, pig waste and cow manure inclusive with floor dirt, sand, rocks and timber particles. All the at the same time as this filler includes digested meats from a majority of these animals.

Slaughtered Meat-Diseased Animals: Pigs, chickens and turkeys which include the diseased that have been fed rendered farm animals can be slaughtered, blended with animal feed and fed again to farm animals inclusive of cows. These animals are later slaughtered over again, mixed with feed and fed returned to the cow and livestock.

Excessive Amounts of Grain: Digestive structures in farm animals are not tolerant to excessive quantities of corn and fitness associated troubles consisting of abscesses of the liver and acidic digestive tract create in addition substances into their diets, drugs.

Antibiotics-Chemicals: To prevent ailment in crowed animal farms or factories, antibiotics are used to fight this and the worrying lifespan of an animal in these unsanitary conditions. Also is used to decorate the price of growth and are added to feed on a routine bases. This has precipitated situation for antibiotic-resistant micro organism which also can have an effect on humans. To manage parasites in chickens positive antimicrobials are used which again enhance the fee of increase. However, they incorporate arsenic, a human carcinogen and runoff from farm factories can contaminate meat and floor water.

Pellet Fibre Plastics: As with human beings animals need fibre of their diets for correct digestion and although intentions can be in the first-rate interest of the animal manufacturing facility farms are instead the use of pellets which include plastics of their efforts to update the fibre that lacks in their feed.

Genetically Engineered Feed Seed

Taking this one step in addition, genetically enhancing their meals supply through putting DNA from flora, animals, bacteria, pesticides and bugs into feed seed, cows; pigs; ducks; elk; squirrels; mice and rats were examined and by means of herbal intuition they have got refused to devour GM or GE meals.

What does this inform us? Nature has a constructed in intuition that causes animals to avoid foods derived from unnatural assets, an imaginative function. However, we human beings appear to lack this genetic trait as we have been consuming pretty much the whole lot we’ve got been creating in regards to food manufacturing, capsules, chemical substances and now GE and GM meals.

Furthermore, this critical tell-tale sign is being neglected and those terrible animals are being forced fed thru tubes to ingest GE and GM food. How can this not disrupt the legal guidelines of nature whilst it is already becoming obvious? As a result of these compelled fed techniques, animals already have turn out to be diseased or have died.

Now let’s add GE feed to this disgusting listing of the above substances regulation permits into feed already. They are stuffing those animals with pretty much whatever and the whole lot that can be scooped up mulched and recycled into the most horrifying fit for human consumption meals invention acknowledged. This is innovation?

This can most effective increase new questions which I’m sure many have never taken into consideration or even idea of.

– What will they do with the diseased and useless animals laid low with this new meals?

– Will they be slaughtered and fed lower back to people and pets?

– Or will they turn out to be food another time for other cattle which in the end we devour anyway?

– Or will they absolutely be slaughtered and used as fertilizer?

– Maybe they are buried only for his or her diseased bodies which include GE DNA from the above list to emerge as part of the soil we grow our food in, the soil all dwelling plant life thrive in?

Cloned Animals

Furthermore another time, permit’s don’t forget this newly authorized cloning of animals for human intake. Cloned animals could be consuming the stays of cloned animals from their feed which initially these cloned animals were raised on GE or GM feed. Then again as soon as their purpose has ended and that they age they’re again slaughtered and combined with extra GM or GE feed simplest to be fed returned to the following technology of cloned animals and people. In flip this new era is later slaughtered most effective for this whole process to copy itself over generations of farm animals, best to be fed again to human beings.

Now need to this recycled gadget cause a few public situation here? Any rationalized wondering man or woman would absolute confidence be severely concerned with this inhumane approach of feeding any dwelling animal or mammal let alone humans.

The query now could be, how will insertion of foreign DNA into any species over and over, affect the original genetic code of animals and humans alike in generations thereafter?
No one is aware of of route due to the fact long term testing has by no means been an issue or finished considering the FDA has taken with no consideration this machine is safe in its approval of cloned animal meals, GE, and GM ingredients. One method alone is sufficient for challenge however whilst cloning animals and Genetic Engineering are blended into the identical pot, the brew may be whatever but herbal, much more likely disastrous.

Now whilst you’re taking this machine and adjust it once more by adding cloned animal waste, blended DNA and human waste used for fertilizing vegetation, more stressful questions need to be answered right here.

– How ought to this have an effect on the soil that most of our food comes from?

– How could it have an effect on insects, organisms and flowers which feed off this soil?

– How ought to it have an effect on our future plants and global food supply?

– And what are the possibilities of gene mutation affecting this soil and what lives in it?

– And lastly the genetic code of all residing things affected should thoroughly be altered however, by the point any of these issues wreck havoc or are even treated pollination will have executed its harm.

– To department this out even further, what about the insecticides injected on this animal feed, into our crop seeds?